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Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Recruitment and outsourcing of nurses, caregivers and medical personnel in EU

Recruitment for our partners in EU countries

Recruitment, personnel search and selection is done according to agreement with our partners. We outsource personnel directly from our Latvian or UK company usually for long term projects starting from at least 1 year.
We recruit and provide staff mostly from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, CIS countries and Asia for our European customers. Our added value is that after successful recruitment we continue to be available for our workers to help in communication and in solving various administrative issues that may arise while working in a foreign country. 

Long-term staffing in EU

Employees from Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and other countries. We offer long-term staffing or rental of qualified Medical personnel and ensure preparation of all official documents for employment in EU (work visa or residence permit, mandatory health examination, work safety instruction and, in cooperation with the client, also accommodation).

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