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Hospital Care-IC NURSES
Work in the Netherlands



IC Nurses

As an Intensive care Nurse, you are responsible for the most vulnerable group of patients in the country: if it gets too difficult elsewhere, the patient comes to us. We are the end station, so with our team we have to help the patient… forwarding is no longer an option. For that reason, we see many patients with highly complex care needs. Our Intensive care nurses guide the patients arrival and receive his or her family. We continuously monitor the patient's condition using our high-tech equipment. Together we discuss what care is needed and, if possible we involve the family in this. In this way we always arrive at a thorough and widely supported treatment plan. 


One moment you are responsible for a patient after cardiac surgery, the next you are resuscitating, guiding a patient's family or assisting the  intensivist with a medical-technical procedure.


This suits you perfectly: 

  • You treat patients in whom vital bodily functions are disrupted or threatened. You can think of ECLS, dialysis, neurological, cardiological and (cardio) surgical problems. 

  • Performing long-term and/or complex IC treatments. 

  • A very diverse patient target group which also demands something from you on a social level. 


Job requirements: 

We shift the familiar path if it contributes to the result. And preferably think about how it can be done even better. In their own way and with each other. That is why you also stand for service orientation, you are decisive and you do not shy away from highly complex care. 


You also take this with you: 

  • A diploma as an ICU Nurse

  • The social qualities to intensively guide patients and relatives

  • A great sense of responsibility and the drive to always provide the best care 

  • The energy you get from working within a multidisciplinary team

  • Sufficient possibilities within your private circumstances in working irregular shifts

  • A contribution to the development of quality and innovation in the department, and thus the further of the IC department


Salary: Depends on level and experience

Monthly and fulltime (Excluding irregularity allowance)
€2882 - €4200

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