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Licensed Practical Nurse

Licensed Practical nurse

Job description
As a licensed practical nurse you are indispensable for this vulnerable target group. You are working with clients with a severe intellectual ability, moderate intellectual ability and/or acquired brain injury. Besides the intellectual ability it’s possible that clients have physical limitations. 


  • You are responsible for the implementation of the care and services as described in the care plans;

  • You enjoy working with people with a disability;

  • You have great empathy, because you understand all too well that residents become frustrated if they are not allowed to leave the site

  • You make an important contribution to the day-to-day affairs of the group. So from full takeover of general daily life operation care  to guidance, nursing techniques and learning new skills.

Job Requirements

  • You have completed a licensed practical nurse training course;

  • You have experience with general daily life operations care and technical nursing procedures;

  • You enjoy working with people with a disability;

  • You preferably have experience in care for the disabled, but only experience in home care, for example, is also no problem.


Salary: Depends on level and experience

Monthly and fulltime (Excluding irregularity allowance)
€1920 - €2760

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