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The Netherlands - long term job


BIG registered nurse

Job description:

As a nurse, you are the support and refuge of your clients. You provide nursing care and guidance to clients with various problems;


  • You provide nursing and care on the basis of the care plan and you also 

proactively think along about this;

  • You identify the bottlenecks in practice, because you know the client well and feel what he or she needs;

  • You perform technical nursing activities in accordance with the BIG protocol;

  • You will switch with different disciplines and have a lot of contact with your team leader.

As a nurse you will work for an organization that has an eye for you as a person and your personal development. They know several terrains and also have outdoor locations. Clients stay in the various homes with a mental disability, both high and low level (in combination with a physical disability) with additional psychiatric problems.


Your added value is the convergence of knowledge and expertise in the medical, somatic, psychological, behavioral and social fields, and in particular your expertise in identifying health problems and diseases.

Job requirements

  • You have a nursing education (MBO/post-secondary vocational education level 4 or HBO/higher professional education);

  • You have at least 1 year of relevant work experience (may also be in a hospital or nursing home);

  • You have a BIG registration;

  • You have an affinity with clients with a physical and / or mental disability;

  • You are proactive and have a great sense of responsibility.


Salary: Depends on level and experience

Monthly and full time (Excluding irregularity allowance)
€1920 - €3289

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